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KM Polyethylene (PE) Protection Film / Tape
  • PE protection tape for low adhesion substrate, the tape is coated with water based acrylic emulsion.
  • Proven Glue Transfer free on glass and metal.
  • Easy to peel off from the protected substrate, no irritant odor.
  • High gloss & transparency film with leveling coating surface & no air bubble dots
  • Excellent UV resistance & durability

Protection for substrates from being stained, and from scratch or damages during processing & transportation

KM PVC Protection Film / Tape

PVC protective tape for medium adhesion substrate, the tape is coated with water based acrylic emulsion and rubber glue

Excellence UV resistance and durability; Chemical resistance

Good wear resistance

KM PVC Static Protection Film

Transparent clear static dissipative film without any adhesive.

Formulated protecting static sensitive components


GOOP is a viscous milky liquid with a slight ammonia odour. GOOP dries to a translucent protective film.

For ease of removal & protection of the underlying substrate, a minimum dry film thickness of 100µm. Due to the highly thixotropic nature of this product and high viscosity, this is easily achieved by even roller application of a single coat.

A higher film thickness is recommended for exceptionally long service life or unusually abrasive or aggression conditions, although this is not normally required.

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