Two Nine Six O Trading Pte Ltd established in April 2002, is a leading building materials distribution company specializing in glazing sealant, fire-stop system and joints. Founded and maintained by Kim, Henry and Angie. With the tacit understanding among them, they spearhead to bring the Company to the next level every year. Today, with the work force of 60 people in the Company servicing the building industry together with the Company’s mission to provide performance engineering products and solution to every individual and User.

We work closely with our Technical Department and Associate leveraging our scale in network, extensive operational experience to lead and shape the building industry. Every experience is an opportunity for us to learn. We link everyone closely together to share the knowledge we know. We change ourselves to always suit the need when environment evolve.

Our Technical and Logistic Support had won the confidence from our business partners.  We service China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia since 2008, when the major façade fabrication shifted out to these countries.  We were invited to continue our technical support and supply to customers’ new production location with the blessing from our principal, the main Façade Consultants, Architects and Owners.

Façade Industry

Full range of façade glazing products to serve the industry. Specialty sealants to meet the new building requirement. Not limiting to glass and aluminum only, as far as gap is concern and sealing is required.

A range of temporary protective product before the completion of construction to protect your products to maintain and ensure the initial outlook will not be compromised.

Firestop System

We specialize in Façade, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) penetration fire-stop systems and fire-stop for construction joints.  Our cabling management fire-stop help owners to re-design their needs with little or no down time.  We work and lead the industry with the safe fire-stop system together with our business partners, Specified Technologies Inc. and GV2 International – VEDA France.

Our Contract Department to handle the installation to ensure no quality in workmanship is compromise in all our projects. Also provide compliance in regulation to provide a safe working environment for the building owner, tenant and even to insurer.

Expansion Joint

We represent GV2 International – Veda France that specialized in mechanical expansion joint systems for the past 20 years.

Our design team and business partner always work towards performance and efficient engineering for the joints in the building industry.